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The Home of the Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and kindred instruments



The Oldest Fretted Instrument Magazine In The World

The magazine for players of all fretted instruments

Founded by Clifford Essex in 1903


Edited by Clem Vickery


Notes and Comments by the Editor
From a Bath Chair by Richard Ineson
Theresa Vaughn-A Muse for a Renaissance by Leonard Schneider
Bluegrass Banjo 30 by David Cotton
Plectrum Guitar Technique 13 by
Mike Chapman
Plectrum Banjo Jazz Improvisation by Ron Hinkle
Living With The Blues by Allan Brace
Fun with the Ukulele by Andy Wicken
By The Way by David Wade

Music Supplement
Meeting of the Waters (Clawhammer banjo) Arr. Ken Perlman
Mauna Kea  (Steel Guitar) Arr. Maurice Hipkiss
Tom Bowling (Guitar)
Dibdin, arr. Medio
Albumleaf  (Banjo) by Robert White

With a Banjo on my Knee by Alan Middleton
South Dakota National Museum  (Part One): Anthony Lis
Cover Picture: Frances Taylor: Interview by David Wade
Mandolin examples
Clawhammer Style Banjo by Ken Perlman
Martin Green: Interview by David Cotton
The Banjo Story: 26 by A.P. Sharpe

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Notes & Comments

Throughout our early years we are under constant pressure to succeed;   to pass exams, to be picked for the sports team and to achieve good school grades. This pressure to prove ourselves in everything we do can spill over into our leisure activities. We constantly hear from our readers that they won’t play their instruments for others because they are not good enough—and they are scared that people will laugh at them if they make mistakes. This is a crying shame. Music is not a competition—it’s a source of joy for those who play and those who listen.  Your friends will forgive your mistakes, and in many cases probably won’t even notice them!  It doesn’t matter that you are not the best, only that you are the best you can be.  Golfers claim that they never really play against others, but instead against the course and  themselves.  They strive to improve and be the best they can be. 
Take a step back and remember why you started to play an instrument and remember the times when you achieved that elusive run of notes, that arpeggio, that impossible-to-finger chord and the joy it brought you. Think about how you played when you first started and how you play now, realising the immense progress that you have made.  Music is a wonderful escape—a chance to relax into something magical that you can create in the moment.  Forget what others think and take out your banjo, mandolin, guitar, ukulele or one-string fiddle and give yourself and your friends a treat.  And above all, enjoy it! 

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