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Easy to use and it does not attach permanently to the banjo. Why butcher the banjo neck with spikes and holes. No drilling involved!

To use, simply slip the string into the slot, position over or next to the fret,
and tighten the screw. It's a piece of 1/4" square brass, 1/2" long, with one end rounded.

There is a slot in the middle of the rounded end about 1/8" into the brass, and a threaded hole just over the slot with a little thumb screw in the hole.

The Reagan Capo comes with 2 thumb screws, one brass and one nylon for your choice of weight and tone.

The Reagan Capo Fitted To A Clifford Essex Gambler Banjo.

We never fit screw on bar capos or bang spikes into our

banjo fingerboards. We have too much respect for them.

You will love it!



A small felt pad at the bottom protects the fretboard.  I bought one to try out several months ago, liked it a lot, and bought three more because I WILL lose some of them. They are small and a bit hard to keep up with, but I really like not having to dirill my neck to apply spikes or sliders. I've found that when you are putting one of these gadgets on the fifth string, you can slide the capo along the string until it goes into the slot, so the eyesight problem hasn't cropped up in my case. You do need to use a bit of care when you clamp down on the string to avoid creating a kink or dent in it, but it hasn't been difficult at all for me. I've never used spikes, mainly because I play a lot of tunes where I have to fret with my thumb, and I've always been wary of leaving some skin behind on a spike. It does take longer to put on than other devices. I have put one on without removing my finger picks though, you just need a little left hand dexterity.

Hope this helps.


I have two, in case I lose one. I love it, because when I fret the 5th string at the 7th or 9th fret, which I do fairly often in the melodic style, it sounds GREAT. No spike to worry about mucking up the tone, and I only used spikes at the 7th and 9th frets. I definitely agree that it is difficult for my 55 year old eyes to see the string going in the slot, but we minimize capoing in our set lists (usually only once per set, and we change keys a lot), and I only capo on "up tempo" songs requiring open strings. I've become adept at putting the Reagan on so the 5th string doesn't need to be retuned. I used spikes for about 25 years and they were fine, until I had to fret the 5th string.


I have several Reagans and love them. I have no trouble with vision (at age 70), and can do it blind if necessary - just slip the capo on somewhere up the neck where it slips on easily, then slide it on up to the desired fret. My Gibson has spikes (from the previous owner) which I rarely use. My other 2 banjos are clean and will stay that way. Good luck.

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The Reagan works exactly as advertised.

It isn't very suitable for quick application and isn't going to work in some performance situations where quick key changes are required. However, for more leisurely performances the Reagan is 100 times better than any other capo on the market.

Andrew Butler


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5th string capo on the Banjo Hangout website.

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