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Banjo Finger Tricks

1923 - 1941 Original Recordings

'Banjo Favourites' Medley - Intro: The Stein Song / Valencia / The Toy Drum Major - Raymonde & His Band Of Banjos

Crazy Jo' - Harry Reser

Take Your Pick - Pete Mandell

Heebie Jeebies (Shimmy One Step) - Harry Reser

If All Of The Stars Were Pretty Babies - Versatile Lou Cal

A Banjo Vamp - Eugene Earle

Rigoletto - Quartet - Will Van Allen & Bert Meredith

You And A Canoe - Emile Grimshaw's Banjo Quartet

Lollipops - Michael Ortuso

Tip-Toe Through The Tulips - Eddie Peabody

To The Front - G. B. Spindler & His Mamelok Banjo Band

The Blackthorns - George Morris

Snatches Of Song - Emile Grimshaw's Banjo Quartet

A Darkie Chuckle - George Morris

Finger Tricks - Mario De Pietro

Flapperette - Harry Reser

Pep - Mario De Pietro

Joy Dance - Ernest Jones

A Ragtime Episode (Eccentrique) - Ernest Jones

Poet And Peasant Overture - Eddie Peabody

Indian Love Call - Eddie Peabody

Rhapsody In Blue - Eddie Peabody

The Dear Old Home Songs - Tarrant Bailey Jnr

Snakes And Ladders - Tarrant Bailey Jnr

On With The March Medley - Intro: El Capitan / Manhattan Beach / King Cotton - Raymond & His Band Of Banjos

A review by David Wade

Every so often a CD appears in the ‘Nostalgia’ section that stands out as a ‘must have’. This CD at around a fiver is a ‘must have’ for all those interested in classic finger-style banjo and plectrum/tenor styles. Peter Dempsey provides five pages of comprehensive notes interestingly he seems quite knowledgeable about the Americans represented on this CD. He does however make a few mistakes, Ernest Jones was not American, Tarrant Bailey Jnr could not be described as an acclaimed master of the five string zither banjo and he seems to get confused between Mario De Pietro and Mike Ortuso – it was Pietro who recorded ‘Pep’ in 1930.

There are 25 tracks on this CD giving a full run time of 72 minutes making it exceptional value for money.
The CD opens and closes with 1938 medleys by Raymond and his Band of Banjos led by Bill Dykes and featuring somewhere in the mix on bass-banjo, the legendary Bert Basset. More plectrum playing follows with a couple of Harry Reser tracks interspersed with the Pete Mandell’s legendary ‘Take Your Pick’. Next up is ‘Versatile Lou Cal’ (aka Luigi G. Calabrese) not a name that I’m familiar with – Peter provides a few lines to fill in the gap- he worked with Bert Lown’s society band and recorded with Paul Specht for Columbia – an American we presume. Eugene Earl gives a powerful plectrum version of Grimshaw’s Banjo Vamp followed by one time Oakley business partner Will Van Allen (William Dodds) in duet with Bert Meridith, I don’t recall having heard this before, they only recorded two sides in 1928 (Minstrel Boy Medley being the other). There are two recordings by the Grimshaw Quartet, You and a Canoe and ‘Snatches of Song’. I seem to remember these being quite hard to find the way the Quartet morphs into Hawaiian mode for the ‘snatch’ of ‘Aloha Oe’ and then reverts to banjo is quite brilliant and must have been way ahead of it’s time. The Manchester based G H Spindler and his Mamelok Banjo Band leads us to one of the gems of this CD- George Morris’ recording of The Blackthorns followed two tracks later by George’s rendition of a Joe Morley piece ‘A Darkie Chuckle’ –great stuff. Two tracks by the legendary Mario De Pietro on tenor banjo leads us to the second peak....two 1930’s recordings by the famous zither-banjoist/bookmaker Ernest Jones. The first tune is Alfred Kirby’s much neglected ‘Joy Dance’ followed by Paul Eno’s ‘A Ragtime Episode’. Eddie Peabody follows with some masterful plectrum playing – Suppe through to Gershwin. Then we have two Tarrant Bailey Jnr recordings- the first being a vocal medley of ‘The Dear Old Home Songs’ then followed by two of his own compositions back to back – ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and ‘All’s Well’, the second dedicated as I remember it, to the Home Guard in Birmingham where Tarrant Bailey Jnr served in the war. Raymonde brings this brilliant CD to a rousing end with a medley of Sousa marches.
Well produced, well packaged, well worth the price.
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