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By Joe Morley

One of the important dates in the history of banjo entertainment is 1891, when Clifford Essex formed his 'Pierrots', and played at the Henley Regatta of that year.   The two banjoists were Essex himself, and Will C. Pepper, but five years later, Will Pepper left to form his 'White Coons' concert party, and his place was taken by Joe Morley.   This piece is a good tuneful march which would have been eminently suitable for the 'Parade' usually presented by seaside concert parties, or a minstrels 'Walk round' in which the whole company took part.
It has been edited from an original manuscript which has no title, but is quite definitely in Joe Morley's hand, so with a definite 'pierrot' connection, I felt it was reasonable to use the word for an otherwise un-named Morley solo.   The assumption is that neither John Alvey Turner nor Clifford Essex published the piece, although with over two hundred Morley compositions to play through, it is possible that some diligent banjoist might discover the tune lurking in a list under another name.
The piece is not difficult, although one or two quick shifts are required, but the average banjoist should have no trouble with it after some practise.   The suggested tempo of a crotchet to 108 is really a maximum; if it is played much faster, the 'Walk round' could become a 'Run around' !

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